Ultrasound Inspections


Airborne Applications:

  •     Compressed air & gas leak detection
  •     Vacuum leaks
  •     Steam leaks to atmosphere
  •     Electrical Inspection:

-Partial Discharge

Structure-Borne Applications:

  •     Bearings
  •     Motors
  •     Gearboxes
  •     Pumps
  •     Steam Traps
  •     Valves
  •     Lubrication: Over & Under

There are electrical anomalies that produce little to no heat, but do produce ultrasound detected conditions:

  • Instruments are used for equipment reliability and energy conservation
  • Our instruments listen for sounds that could never be detected by human hearing.
  • Human hearing is around 20Hz to 20kHz, with the average upper range of 16kHz
  • Our instruments start listening at 20Khz…well above human hearing
  • Works in conjunction with other PdM technologies such as infrared thermography, etc…



The UE Ultraprobe is used for Ultrasound inspections



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