Health assessment of your facilities electrical system

Let us provide you with a health assessment of your facilities electrical system! With the use of the latest technology and certified thermography whom are also journeyman or master electricians. See for yourself A top notch thermal imaging inspection is all about and the benefits it will provide.

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GFX 320 “Intrinsically safe” GasFind IR camera

  It is with great pride we would like to announce that we are the first company in Canada to take ownership of the latest in GasFind IR / fugitive emissions detection in the GFX 320 “intrinsically safe” GasFind IR camera as well as the “NEW”  QL320 visual gas quantification program. With the substantial financial…

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Determining Thermal Condition with Thermal Imaging

thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging is one of the tools that should be used in determining the severity and even in some cases the validity of thermal condition. Once a potential issue has been identified there are a few things that need to be determined. Visually inspect the situation to see if you can identify any issues or…

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Facts to Remember About Electrical Thermal Imaging/IR

electrical thermal imaging

Remember, it’s infrared, IR. Electrical thermal imaging is not some sort of voodoo and is not an x-ray. “If you cannot visually see the item you are trying to shoot then you can’t shoot it.” If people tell you they do not have to remove the covers of electrical equipment to perform this service, this…

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The Truth about Thermal Imaging IR Equipment

thermal imaging equipment

Contrary to what salespeople will try to tell you, there is a difference between results obtained and the amount of false positives and false negatives when comparing different thermal imaging equipment. A $2,000 to $8,000 camera will definitely not provide you with the same level of information and results as the more expensive models ranging…

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“Putting on the Foil Coach” | Thermographic Cookery

Keeping infrared radiation out while cooking potatoes

The age old question of which way to wrap the aluminum foil on your potato (shiny side out or in) before baking it has been answered. It turns out that the answer is “yes”. It actually does not matter which side of the foil faces out for cooking or freezing food. To understand why, an…

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Low Emissivity Surfaces and Their Everyday Uses

Low Emissivity Surfaces

Ever wonder why your to-go coffee cup is made of shiny stainless steel? It’s not just for sanitary reasons. The low emissivity surface that is provided by a polished stainless cup helps to maintain the temperature of your hot or cold beverage. Low Emissivity Surfaces A simple method to help illustrate this is to use…

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