The Truth about Thermal Imaging IR Equipment

thermal imaging equipment

Contrary to what salespeople will try to tell you, there is a difference between results obtained and the amount of false positives and false negatives when comparing different thermal imaging equipment. A $2,000 to $8,000 camera will definitely not provide you with the same level of information and results as the more expensive models ranging from $40,000 to $50,000 will. If the statement was not true, why would the manufacturers even bother making the more expensive ones? Why would they continue to improve picture resolution and sensitivity if it did not provide better and more accurate results?

Another item to keep in mind when spending $2,000 to $8,000 or less on a thermal imaging camera: How can employers spend several thousand dollars on training, certification and reporting software to be able to competently operate that equipment and provide clients with accurate, knowledgeable information and professional reports?

You would not dream of taking a 16-year-old and throwing them the keys for your brand new $90,000 sports car if they had never been in a car in their life and or had never driven before. They would require guidance, tutelage and behind the wheel training. You may get lucky if you did try it without any training, but the odds are much higher that you would not.

Hire a Thermal Imaging Professional

Why would you trust the heart of your business (your electrical system) to an untrained individual who may be using a less than an adequate piece of equipment to give you a condition reports on the heat of your business? This is not where you want to hope for some luck. Leave that kind of hope for when you go to Vegas.

Always use trained professionals who use nothing but top of the line equipment. These professionals have a strong knowledge of the items you want inspected in order to give you a true and accurate analysis of your assets. Additionally, trained professionals use a solid platform for report generating.

Remember, the lowest price choice is not necessarily the best choice for thermal imaging equipment.