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Electrical failures can be both unexpected and catastrophic, causing extended downtime and costing your company money or even employee injury. Hidden as they are, potential fail points within your electrical system are nearly impossible to see, making preventative maintenance guesswork at best.

At Heat Seeking Thermal Imaging, we utilize thermal imaging and infrared technology to scan your electrical systems, alerting you to potential issues invisible to the naked eye before they fail.

We perform several different types of non-disruptive testing for our clients, including:

Infrared Inspections & Thermal Imaging
CSA Z32 Testing

Thermal Imaging Electrical

Infrared Inspections

Damaged Fuse Holder

Electrical Thermal Imaging


CSA Z32 Testing


Ultrasound Inspections

GasFind IR 9

All Services

Striving to
be the best

Heat Seeking Thermal Imaging strives to be an industry leader by helping companies, and the industry as a whole, develop new and innovative IR standards and applications. This is achieved through the expertise of our skilled, trained and certified level 1, 2, 3 Thermographers, who also are red seal certified Journeyman and Master Electricians, and hold other educational/industry credentials. Through ongoing education for our staff, we are committed to maintaining cutting edge expertise to better serve our client’s needs.

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How thermography and infrared helps you save time and money

When your equipment isn’t running, it’s costing you money. From reduced production to reactive repairs, unplanned downtime is a burden to everyone in the company.

Thermography and infrared technology are key components of a comprehensive Predictive & Preventative Maintenance Program, which allows you to schedule your downtime, and reduce or eliminate the cost entirely.

The Value of a Thermographer

Although infrared electrical inspections are often carried out for insurance purposes, a Thermographer’s true value lies in being an integral part of a predictive maintenance program, and the cost benefits far outweigh the initial cost of a thermal and infrared inspection.

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