Thermal Imaging Technology

Infrared Technology should be a part of your preventative maintenance program

How do thermal cameras work

What is Infrared technology?

Infrared thermography is the process of data acquisition and analysis of that of the thermal information gathered from non-contact thermal imaging equipment. All objects will exhibit differences in temperature, this is often referred to also as the thermal energy of an object. Most often we are looking for hotter temperatures but in some circumstances, we are looking for the cooler area.

How does Infrared technology work?

Our Thermographer’s are certified to operate this equipment and to perform this type of service. Our Technicians are also specialists in the fields that they serve. The inspection can be done quite quickly, but to ensure an accurate assessment all covers must be removed with the exception of equipment which has IR windows installed. The procedure is a non-destructive process and does not interrupt the operation of business. With this technology, we can point out problems and area of concern that cannot be detected through a visual inspection, such as loose connections, faulty or overloaded breakers, imbalanced loads, issues within disconnects, motor windings and bearings which exhibit abnormal heating and much more.

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