Can YOU afford NOT to do it?

Assisting with your Maintenance Process.

Thermography allows us to help all our clients save millions of dollars per year. Preventive maintenance is a necessity to facilitate effective business practices.  It requires the knowledge and the effective handling and interpretation and gathering of proper information to make informed decisions. A suitable thermal imaging camera which is well
maintained and calibrated according to manufactures specifications as well as
trained and knowledgeable operator. In our organization this is a Journeyman or
Master Electrician with maintenance and troubleshooting skills whom is also a
Certified Thermographer. This helps in all areas, with an impact which makes it’s
self abundantly clear in the cost-benefit analysis.

Thermography, among other things, reveals and measures heat generation in many areas electrical, mechanical and so on. It visualises overheated components and detects and helps prevent “unforeseen” breakdowns. It has become a familiar and accepted technique
for preventive maintenance. What is less well known, however, is that the consistent, large-scale use of thermography can yield impressive very savings? When your company is looking at cut backs this is one area “YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO CUT BACK ON YOUR THERMAL IMAGING” if you do it WILL cost you money and it should not be looked at as a cost but at how much money it is going to save you in the long run!

Heat Seekng Thermal Imaging LTD.

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  1. electrician on 01/13/2014 at 1:30 PM

    Only go for electricians who have a clean reputation from their previous projects.
    After checking thm out, investigate their credentials in the locall neighborhood and verify
    whether they are properly qualified and licensed. Asking for a written copy of an
    electrician’s license and insurance makes sure that the electrician you had gotten is