Cost savings in predictor preventative maintenance programs

In times of economic uncertainty and the cutbacks in which we are experiencing and seeing in many different industries and government sectors There’s often a lot of money that can be saved by spending a little money in the form of predict a preventative maintenance. This type of service and mindset will allow you to focus your limited resources on the specific areas that require the attention. When belt-tightening is in place we have to look at ways to cut costs predict of preventive maintenance I can say with 100% certainty is definitely not the area to cut costs in. I have been Involved several areas of industry which this benefits and and now I’m on the side of the fence providing the services to these industries. So I have seen the value added for very little cost from both sides of the fence. I have experienced being in an environment where predictor preventer maintenance was cut and saw the financial impact put on the system in 3 to 5 years after these cuts were made. I can say with confidence the money spent to bring the system back up to an acceptable stable level was far more than what would have been spent at the time to maintain a well-balanced system. Without strong and stable infrastructure production facilities, institutions etc. cannot provide the service in which they are there to provide and receive financially compensation for the service. For the short-term and long-term benefits in which we all try to achieve and maintain it is definitely in your best interest to stay a course on a predictor preventative maintenance program and if you don’t have one in place to definitely get one started.