As the winter months are upon us for many areas of North America, it’s often thought that this time of year is not effective for GasFind IR fugitive emissions inspections due to the cold weather. In fact, this isn’t true. GasFind IR fugitive emissions inspections can be as effective in the winter as it is in the summer, providing the operator of the camera is:

  • Very knowledgeable about the equipment and the multitude of functions available
  • They are able to utilize all the tools available to them in the camera to detect these leaks

Winter GasFind IR Fugitive Emissions Inspections

In remote areas were oil and gas extraction takes place, these areas are typically considered winter access only. Very little unnecessary work takes place during the summer months due to environmental conditions around the sites, as well as the increased costs of getting in and out, which is typically done by use of helicopter. This situation makes winter inspections almost a necessity for economic reasons.

With this type of winter inspection, the inspector has to be very mindful of the lack of back ground temperature, while also being aware of wind speed and direction and weather conditions at the time of inspection. The acquisition of the required information can be a little bit more challenging, but definitely can be obtained with the use of highly honed skills. Additionally, using all options available to you during GasFind IR fugitive emissions inspections that the camera has to offer.

During these situations, it’s important to call on more experienced, knowledgeable, trained and certified technicians as they will often produce much better results for their clients. Individuals who do not know their equipment inside and out and do very little inspection work will find these types of winter inspections very challenging.

Ensure that whomever you choose to perform your winter GasFind IR fugitive emissions inspections, should you require them, has experience and is very knowledgeable and well-versed in the task you are presenting them. As always it is encouraged to request a copy of certifications and experience from the inspector prior to inspection.

For more information about winter GasFind IR fugitive emissions inspections, contact Heat Seeking Thermal Imaging.