Protect New Investments with a Post-Construction Inspection

post-construction inspection

As we have said in the past, it is very important to perform a post-construction inspection for quality control. When hiring a properly certified and trained thermographer, with electrical certification (Journeyman or Master Electricians) as well, you are not only getting thermal imaging post-construction inspections, you are also getting a much higher level of QC (quality control). This ensures that the work paid for was done properly and the equipment purchased was built and installed according to electrical codes and manufacturer’s specifications.

Post-Construction Inspection Case Study

Recently, a client, who is a strong advocate of the services we provide, requested a post-construction inspection on a multi-million dollar expansion project. Much to their surprise, as well as ours, there was an extremely high number of thermal issues and even more electrical code issues found during the post-construction inspection process. During this inspection there were over 60 items that could have ended in catastrophic failure and a huge cost to the end-user, our client.

These issues were not isolated to problems found in relation to the electrical contractor doing the project, but also issues from the manufacturer, which had to be taken back to them and resolve according to our recommendations.

The most interesting part of the post-construction inspection process was the construction specifications indicated that a thermal and a QC inspection be performed upon completion of the project. It was indicated to our client that it had indeed been performed and nothing serious was found, all items had been dealt with accordingly. We were contracted to perform our post-construction inspection only weeks after the previous inspection had been completed.

Construction Project Requirements

This also leads into another topic: Ensure that when producing specifications for construction projects that the requirements are clearly laid out and an independent, third party be contracted to performing these types of inspections. This provides all involved with an unbiased and clear picture of the information required. Costs of these reports should be distributed to the general contractor, as well as the end-user. We all know the saying, “Don’t let the fox watch the hen house.” Do not let a contractor do their own post-construction inspection. Unfortunately, it is human nature for all to try to do the best and exceed expectations and not to find fault within themselves.

Protect your investment. Ultimately, you are the one that is going to be left with the problems that will arise.

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  1. Jorge McMillan on 05/02/2016 at 3:23 PM

    Wow, its a good thing that you went in after that million dollar project and found all of those thermal issues. I for some reason thought the post construction inspection wasn’t really needed in the construction process. After seeing all the things that they can pick up, I see their importance and am glad that there are services to help out in that process.