Make Cuts in Predictive Preventive Maintenance Rates

predictive preventative maintenance

During what most would consider tough economic times, which are present in Canada and United States currently, this is definitely not the time for organizations, companies and groups to back away from predictive preventative maintenance. Often, when companies do start cutting predictive preventive maintenance, this reaction is due to mandates from upper management to slash budgets.

These types of cuts can quickly create problems within an organization and can also create a long-term and lasting problem, which can take quite some time to recover from when the proper predictive preventive maintenance is not being performed.

Predictive Preventive Maintenance

Such predictive preventive maintenance items, like thermal imaging of electrical and mechanical equipment, can often be cost-saving measures to an organization. Utilizing good, knowledgeable and trained professionals to perform the services will point out the areas in which you need to focus your limited resources and attention. Without these types of inspections directing resources, any preventive maintenance work becomes a best guess or a hunch due to circumstances presenting themselves or playing off past experiences. This can often lead to wasted labor resources and budgeted money for repairs in unnecessary areas.

Electrical Thermal Imaging

Electrical thermal imaging is a highly advised form of predictive preventive maintenance. Electrical thermal imaging provides many benefits, including:

  • Reduction of on scheduled downtime
  • Reduction in overtime/unscheduled overtime
  • Personal safety
  • Ability to better direct labor to areas that require attention to provide stable operation
  • Ability to direct budgets to areas that most need aid
  • Providing cost savings or allocation of budget to other areas.
  • Ultimately providing cost savings by minimizing unscheduled downtime during working hours, which can create production issues and wasted labor costs due to inability to operate and perform designated tasks

Heat Seeking Thermal Imaging provides predictive preventive maintenance services such as electrical thermal imaging, which can cut rates and save your company money. By knowing where to allocate maintenance budgets, your company can cut rates and save money in the long run. Contact Heat Seeking Thermal Imaging for more information.