thermographic building inspection

Thermographic Building inspections serve many purposes and can help property owners identify a variety of issues in and around the home.


Typical thermographic Building inspections include:

  • Energy efficiency inspections
  • Moisture intrusion inspections
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Structural defect inspects
  • Installation issues

What are infrared thermographic Building inspections?

Infrared thermographic Building inspections involve the use of a specialized thermal imaging camera to take pictures of heat / cold from objects found in and around the building’s interior and exterior. Thermographic images can then be interpreted by a certified Thermographer who can detect and point out areas of concern / potential problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Benefits of thermographic Building inspections:

  • Reduce contact with dangerous components
  • Scans can detect problems in hard to reach places
  • Can reduce the need for costly and invasive testing
  • Can accurately identify and locate problems
  • Allows corrective measures to be effectively targeted

How does a property owners prepare for an inspection?

When preparing for a thermographic Building inspection, in the interior of the building certain things must be done such as remove the drapes and move furniture away from exterior walls. The most accurate thermographic images are usually taken when there is a large difference between inside and outside temperatures as close to 20°C difference from inside to outside temperatures is optimal. For example, in Canada the best results occur in the fall / winter / early spring. Depending on your need for a thermographic scan and different Building conditions, a specific inside/outside temperature difference may need to be maintained before the test occurs. A certified Thermographer can advise you of how to go about this and in what scenarios it is necessary.

Benefits of hiring a certified Thermographer

Hiring a certified Thermographer to perform thermographic Building inspections is part of a predictive and preventative maintenance program. When you hire a Thermographer in advance of failure issues, you allow for a non-invasive evaluation of your property. Because anyone can buy an infrared camera and offer thermography services, it’s necessary to seek out a certified Thermographer. Certified Thermographers have completed a recognized certification course and training and have demonstrated their abilities. Not hiring a certified Thermographer could result in invalid results. If you are going to all is well within your rights to ask to see any certified Thermographer’s credentials.

Contact Heat Seeking Thermal Imaging for more information about thermographic Building inspections throughout Canada.

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  1. Ellen Hughes on 06/18/2018 at 4:34 PM

    I like that you talked about the importance of hiring a certified thermographer to make sure that your building is going to be inspected by a professional that has the abilities to provide you a valid result. My sister and I are interested in thermographic testing. Our goal is to get an accurate result for the building that we’re looking to buy. We’ll make sure to consider all your tips.