Determining Thermal Condition with Thermal Imaging

thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging is one of the tools that should be used in determining the severity and even in some cases the validity of thermal condition. Once a potential issue has been identified there are a few things that need to be determined.

  1. Visually inspect the situation to see if you can identify any issues or abnormalities.
  2. If, in fact, it is an issue or it is just normal load or it is in fact overloaded. This can be determined by use of an amp meter to determine the current draw and then compare this information to the manufacturer’s rating of the equipment, as well as the wire size.
  3. These tasks should always be performed by a Certified Electrician ,according to the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) & National electrical code (NEC), to aid in the minimization of risk of personal injury, damage to equipment, unscheduled downtime, interruption to operations and business and liability issues.

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