Facts to Remember About Electrical Thermal Imaging/IR

electrical thermal imaging

Remember, it’s infrared, IR. Electrical thermal imaging is not some sort of voodoo and is not an x-ray. “If you cannot visually see the item you are trying to shoot then you can’t shoot it.” If people tell you they do not have to remove the covers of electrical equipment to perform this service, this…

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The Truth about Thermal Imaging IR Equipment

thermal imaging equipment

Contrary to what salespeople will try to tell you, there is a difference between results obtained and the amount of false positives and false negatives when comparing different thermal imaging equipment. A $2,000 to $8,000 camera will definitely not provide you with the same level of information and results as the more expensive models ranging…

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“Putting on the Foil Coach” | Thermographic Cookery

Keeping infrared radiation out while cooking potatoes

The age old question of which way to wrap the aluminum foil on your potato (shiny side out or in) before baking it has been answered. It turns out that the answer is “yes”. It actually does not matter which side of the foil faces out for cooking or freezing food. To understand why, an…

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Make Infrared Electrical Inspections Part of Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

Infrared electrical inspections

Infrared electrical inspections can be done in a variety of industries to find problems before they arise. Including infrared electrical inspections in your preventative maintenance plan can reduce downtime and electrical equipment damage and help you pinpoint potential problems before they cause a larger issue. Infrared electrical inspections should be conducted annually in order to…

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