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Infrared Roof Inspections Help Detect Moisture Intrusions

Infrared roof inspections help detect moisture intrusions

As the days get shorter and the air gets colder and natural moisture is more common, it’s time to consider infrared inspections to help detect potential roof moisture instructions. Heat Seeking Thermal Imaging recommends getting infrared roof inspections to catch any moisture intrusions, or structural hazards. There are certain criteria that need to be met…

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Detecting Electrical Hazards with Electrical Thermal Imaging

Electrical thermal imaging

Electrical thermal imaging inspections can help detect electrical issues and hazards and prevent an eventual catastrophe. Electrical thermal imaging is one of the tools used to acquire data to enable us to produce and provide an informative report, which will assist the client in directing a precise and accurate repair to the issue. By hiring…

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Cost savings in predictor preventative maintenance programs

In times of economic uncertainty and the cutbacks in which we are experiencing and seeing in many different industries and government sectors There’s often a lot of money that can be saved by spending a little money in the form of predict a preventative maintenance. This type of service and mindset will allow you to…

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A well ran PdM program

A well ran PdM program should consist of several thing 1) A Plan 2) Execution 3) Prioritization 4) Mitigation of issues found. Recommended actions should include oil analysis, vibration, ultrasonic and thermography routes and techs in place so that base lines can be established as soon as possible. The PdM program will be important to…

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Another new year is upon us and 2014 looks to be a great one

Another new year is upon us and 2014 looks to be a great one. I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the services we provide to our clients; Thermal Imaging, GasFind IR and Ultrasound Inspections. We would like the opportunity to provide…

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GasFind IR

GasFind IR (Compliancy or Safety???) How about both….. This great technology should not solely be looked at for the use of regulatory compliance. The focus should also include personal safety as well as loss of property. It should not be looked at as “I have to do it” but “I need it done to provide…

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Can YOU afford NOT to do it?

 Can YOU afford NOT to do it? Assisting with your Maintenance Process. Thermography allows us to help all our clients save millions of dollars per year. Preventive maintenance is a necessity to facilitate effective business practices.  It requires the knowledge and the effective handling and interpretation and gathering of proper information to make informed decisions. A suitable thermal imaging…

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